Backmatter? What the Hell is Backmatter?

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Posts by Phil

I have a good friend who is also an Amazon author. He writes like a machine, putting out a book every two months or so. He writes sweeping family dynasty books all interconnected and set in and around LaFollette, Tennessee.

Lots of beautifully written books, a long series, and intriguing characters. But he has had trouble breaking out. He asked me for some advice. He must be desperate. I think of myself as a mouse with cataracts leading the three blind mice. But I’m full of opinions and eagerly shared mine with him.

I checked out his books. Great stuff (I wish I could write like that), but he had no follow through at the end of the book.

I said, “Joe, you need to work on your backmatter.”

“What’s backmatter?”

“Backmatter is the stuff writers put at the end of their books on Amazon, filled with enticements and links to make the reader curious enough to click and buy the next book in the series.”

“Yeah, but don’t they see the link Amazon puts automatically when the book finishes?”

“Sometimes. But it’s better to have your own backmatter and not depend on Amazon to let the reader know your next book is available.”

“Can you give me an example?”

“Sure, Joe. Try something like this:”

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoyed the amazing adventures and hijinks of Heidi Hood Meets the Werewolf. If that story left you hungry for more, you’re in luck, because the adventure continues in the next book, Heidi Hood Humps the Werewolf.  

<Insert Amazon link to next book here>  

To let you get a taste of that story, here is an excerpt:  


“My, what big eyes you have,” said Heidi as she slipped out of her long red velvet cloak. The hooded cloak slithered soundlessly to the ground, revealing she was naked underneath.  

“The better to see you with, my dear,” said the werewolf, as his burning gaze swept over Heidi’s perfect body. Saliva dripped from his mouth.  

“My, what big teeth you have,” said Heidi, as she stepped closer to the monster. His hot breath stirred her crimson curls.  

“The better to eat you with, my dear,” said the werewolf through a suddenly clenched throat.  

Heidi reached out and ran a fingertip down the werewolf’s bare chest and rock-hard abs, ending with a feather-soft stroke through his jeans. The werewolf’s breathing stopped as he clenched in anticipation.  

“My, what a large, mmm—tail, you have,” said Heidi, taking a deep breath to emphasize her breasts. Her sapphire-blue eyes glistened with excitement.  

The werewolf whimpered, cleared his throat, then answered, “The better to f—”    


Sorry, Dear Reader. I’m running out of space. To get the full story, and other details (did you know Heidi has a twin?), click on the link above.   And while you’re waiting for that book to download, please take a moment to leave a review for the current book. I would really appreciate it. And more importantly, Heidi would appreciate it.  

<insert link to Amazon Review page for current book>  

Joe turned down my offer to let him put Heidi and her sister in his next book. His loss, Heidi’s all mine now. She could be a country singer who hunts werewolves in her spare time. Then she finds out Elvis has been howling at the moon like a hound dog and must investigate.

Now I want to write that book.

Damn! Too many ideas, not enough time. If you’re interested in sweeping family sagas, without Heidi and werewolves, Joe is the best out there. Why don’t you give his books a try? The adventure starts with:  

The Capri Girl

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