Did Elvis Eat Grilled Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwiches on Thanksgiving?

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Posts by Phil

You bet your (peanut) Butt (er) he did!

This sandwich, affectionately called “The Elvis” has been documented in many magazines and online resources.

I ran across this tidbit of information while researching my first Tokyo Supernatural book, Mages in Manhattan. The ghost of Elvis plays a part in the story. Hell, I even wrote a short story, The Elvis Enchantment, as a prequel to the novel.

What brought up this talk of Elvis and Thanksgiving? Just some memories.

Several years ago, I visited my older brother around Thanksgiving. He had grown up loving Elvis and his music. One of his dreams had been to visit Graceland. Not a grand dream; but family, work, and illness had always kept him from realizing his dream.

I said, “What the hell, bro. I’ve got a rental car and two-hundred dollars. Let’s hit the road to Memphis and visit Graceland.”

His eyes gleamed with a spark I hadn’t seen in years, but he demurred. “Nah, little bro. I don’t want to put you out. I can’t kick in for gas or food. Just go without me.”

“It wouldn’t be the same without you. If you can’t go, I’ll stay here and visit.”

I let him talk me out of taking him, ending with a promise to go “real soon.”

Of course, real soon never comes.

My brother has been dead many years. One of my greatest regrets is not shoving his butt into that car and hauling ass to Memphis.

This Thanksgiving, with the lock-downs and pandemic, almost nobody is going to Graceland.

When the quarantine ends, I’m going to visit Graceland. Then I’ll go and place a wreath on my brother’s grave. I’m not going to wait for “real soon.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all Tokyo Supernatural fans.


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