Expanding the Tokyo Supernatural World Into New Markets

by | Feb 9, 2019 | Posts by Phil, Tokyo Supernatural

What do you get for the girl who kills everything?

Scott Freeman, a master magician, creates the perfect gift for his kitsune girlfriend, Kitty-Sue. As a shape-shifting ninja assassin, Kitty-Sue doesn’t need much.

But what assassin could resist a new weapon?

That’s the blurb I wrote for my short story “A Kitsune Christmas,” which is now available on Google Play.

Google Play? What’s that? In an effort to make my stories available in other venues, I opened a Google Play account and published this short. I would love to add my other books to other vendors, but Amazon’s Terms of Service prevent me from publishing anything I have in Kindle Unlimited on other platforms. The two longest books in the series are in Kindle Unlimited.

But I have several short stories in the Tokyo Supernatural universe that are not in Kindle Unlimited. I plan on publishing those in the Google Play store soon.

Why the new blurb? Google Play insists on very short blurbs, which is why the above blurb is short and to the point. I had to summarize the story in a very different way to keep the word count low. Let me know what you think of the new blurb. I might move it over to the Amazon description.

If you are not part of the Amazon juggernaut, feel free to cruise on over to Google Play Books and purchase this short.