Where Did This Hillbilly Magician Come From?

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Posts by Phil

In the Tokyo Supernatural Series, we first met Scott Freeman, the cynical and snarky magician who refuses to be tamed. Where did he come from? Why is he such an ass? And why does he hate witches with such passion?

It’s all explained in this prequel to the Tokyo Supernatural series, in a story I call – The Elvis Enchantment

Here’s the blurb for the story:

1950’s Memphis, Tennessee – A time of great change, great music, and a touch of ancient magic.

The Memphis Coven, a bobby-sox brigade of thirteen young witches, were coming into their full power, aided by the discovery of Granny’s old spellbook. More than minor hexes and good luck charms, this book contained spells Momma never taught them.

This countrified coven, excited about the possibilities, decided they wanted it all.

Their first conquest, a minor magician from coal-mining country, a total hick, tricked into sorcerous slavery, was a great start. Sure, he had to do everything they ordered, but he wasn’t enthusiastic about his duties. Sex with him was like using a wooden puppet. They wanted; no, they deserved love. There was no love spell in the book, but there was an adoration spell. And that was the next best thing, right?

They wanted the adoration of the most famous resident of Memphis, a young singer on the threshold of national fame and fortune.

They had the coven; they had the spell, they had the desire; all they needed was one more item, a lock of hair. They set their slave to obtain the missing ingredient.

Finally, it all came together; the full moon, the full coven, the lock of hair. Naked under the moonlight, they danced, chanted, and wove a spell of adoration, pouring heart and soul into the magic.

The spell gave them a lot more than they bargained for. They didn’t reckon that an enslaved, hick magician could throw a wrench into the Elvis Enchantment.