Update on Publishing My Latest Book

by | Oct 15, 2016 | Kindle Direct Publishing, Posts by Phil

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding my progress on the latest novel, “Mages in Manhattan”. I am working on the novel every day and hope to get it out in the very near future. This is the longest piece I have written yet as all of my previous work was short story or novella length. I’m currently at 50,000 words and the final edition will be about 80,000 words.

Usually, I write without an outline. Unfortunately, when writing longer pieces, keeping track of all the details becomes a problem. I still don’t use an outline. Instead, I have written up a timeline of my story arc. A timeline is not as detailed as an outline, it is just a rough description of the direction of the story. I might try the whole detailed outline system on a future novel, but for now, my timeline is enough to work with.

I’ve received positive feedback on the writing samples published on the Tokyo Supernatural site, so I’m really excited to finish this and get it published. I also have another two (maybe three) novels set in the same universe plotted out.

I have also been asked about the new illustrations on the site and the book covers. The artist I’m working with is called Runno and you can see his work here. He did a beautiful job on all of the characters, but my favorite is the Kitsune Queen. He is a pleasure to work with, and I’m looking forward to seeing his take on my future ebooks.